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"Words are loaded pistols" ~Sartre

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The qualities that make me oh so me(In other words I AM):

* Polish
* A Teaching Assistant
* A teacher/instructor
* Giving myself an ulcer--right now
* A former R.A
* A bookworm
* An overachiever
* Constantly tired
* An artist?
* Plant lover
* Movie buff
* Aspiring film maker
* Obsessive compulsive/ type A personality
* Candy eater
* Extrovert
* Weirdo
* Nerd
* Bilingual --working on a third
* Nightowl
* Late sleeper
* Insomniac
* Vegetarian --with occassional lapses
* Cook
* Sushi lover (accounts for the vegetarian lapses)
* Kitty crazed
* Supertalkative--to my detriment
* Eloquent
* Super organized
* Bhaba's Unhomely
* Pro-choice
* A feminist
* An Agnostic Existentialist for lack of a better term
* A Grad Student

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User Number: 965577
Date Created:2003-03-24
Number of Posts: 101

Sarcastic,sardonic, and generally skeptical Sylvia can be found with her nose stuck in a book or ranting in French.
Strengths: ambition, scepticism, geekiness, creativity
Weaknesses: bitchiness, loudness, excessive worrying
Special Skills: language brain, literature knowledge, art skills
Weapons: Heavy French Dictionary, Loud Bitch Mouth, Geek Friends, Scalding Hot Tea, Heavy Bag of Orchid Fertilizer
Modifiers: +10 when enraged +10 when on less than 6 hours of sleep -100 when heartbroken

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